Office Romances: A Romance Collection

by Annie J. Rose

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Office Romances: A Romance Collection by Annie J. Rose
Bosses and babies and secrets, oh my! These five hot bosses and their lovely ladies will be sure to keep you warm on the coldest of winter nights. Snuggle up and enjoy a cup of cocoa and these five happily ever afters!

Book One: Married to My Boss

Drew and I were from two different worlds,
But for one blissful week in college,
We experienced passion only true lovers could feel.
Then it ended.
Now six years later, I’m on the other side of the country,
And I see him across a crowded room.
It’s a fluke, I tell myself. I just imagined it.
San Francisco is a big city. I’ll never see him again… Right?

Book Two: Knocked Up by the CEO

One scorching night I’ll never forget.
One life-changing secret I have to keep.
The big deal I need to land.
All roads lead back to him.
Until he learns about the secret I’ve kept.
My shy little girl with Duncan’s eyes.

Book Three: Knocked Up by the Boss

Passion flares between us. There’s no escaping it.
Our hot affair threatens to become so much more.
I want to make her mine.
It might work.
Until my ex blazes back into town and Bridgit takes off.
All drama and no commitment didn’t work for her.
I don’t blame her.
But I will find her and get her back.

Book Four: Boss’s Fake Bride

Gracie is everything I’ve ever wanted in a woman.
Unfortunately, she’s my employee.
But one wild weekend in Chicago,
Makes me try to find ways around that particular HR nightmare.
When her abusive ex comes to town to try and force her to go back with him,
I hatch a plan that gets us both what we want.
I’ll be her fake husband to throw him off his game.
Gracie gets rid of her ex, and I get to keep Gracie for myself.

Book Five: The Intern

Internship? No problem.
Show up on time.
Get the coffee orders right.
Whatever you do, don’t get mixed up with your way-off-limits boss.
Especially not on the conference room table at work.
Looks like I broke a big rule there.

Office Romances is a collection of five steamy standalone romance novels. No cliffhanger, no cheating, plenty of steam, and a guaranteed HEA.
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Office Romances: A Romance Collection by Annie J. Rose