Outlaw of Vulvar: Vulvarian Saga Book 3

by J K Spenser

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Outlaw of Vulvar: Vulvarian Saga Book 3 by J K Spenser
Blood will be spilled as a former slave, now a self-made warrior resolves to uncover once and for all the truth about the Goddess-Queens, the existent but remote divinities of the harsh, inhospitable planet called Vulvar.

Tobias Hart is the adventurous former archaeologist of Earth now living on an alien planet. Vulvar is a barbaric world with a rigid system of social stratification that includes ritual status in a gynecocratic hierarchy where females rule and enslave all males to serve them.

In this volume of the dark fantasy science fiction saga, after completing a second mission for the Goddess-Queens, the fabled mysterious and all powerful deities of Vulvar, Tobias must survive as an outcast when the city council forces him out of his adopted city Thiva. Now regarded by all on the harsh planet as an outlaw worthy only of death, Hart embarks on a search for truth intent on exposing and holding to account the self-serving Goddess-Queens whose insensitive and cruel disregard for their mortal servants resulted in Hart's eternal loss of the woman he loved. Tobias vows to survive long enough to confront the hateful divine beings, journeying to their foreboding stronghold atop Mount Volz, knowing full well that no one who has dared to approach the Goddess-Queens has ever returned alive.

Read the entire saga of this realistically imagined fantasy world where females are masters and males live to serve their every desire.

Outlaw of Vulvar is the third book in the Vulvarian Saga, but you may enjoy reading the series in any order.
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Outlaw of Vulvar: Vulvarian Saga Book 3 by J K Spenser