O'Brien Family Romance Collection

by Jennifer Youngblood

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O'Brien Family Romance Collection by Jennifer Youngblood
This family collection includes five fast-paced contemporary romance novels that will tug at your heartstrings and leave you with a contented sigh. Fall in love with each stand-alone romance as you immerse yourself in the illustrious O’Brien world.

Includes One Singing Bachelorette from The Romeo Family Romance Series!

The Impossible Groom (Chas O’Brien)

A football star ready to make a lifelong commitment. A struggling single mom trying to get her business off the ground. Shadows from the past that could destroy everything.

When a near-accident brings Ryleigh Eisenhart’s dream man into her life, she must decide if she’ll remain a hostage to the past or break free of her fears to embrace an uncertain future with the man she loves.

The Twelfth Hour Patriot (McKenna O’Brien)

Private Investigator McKenna O’Brien vows to never have anything further to do with Tate Campbell. Sure he’s charismatic and handsome with his dark lively eyes and quicksilver smile, but the pro football player is a womanizing snake who nearly wrecked her career! When a deadly stalker becomes enamored with Tate, McKenna must put aside her grudge for the greater good.

As the stalker’s net closes in tighter, McKenna questions if she has the skills necessary to keep Tate safe, especially when her heart keeps getting in the way.

The Stormy Warrior (Caden O’Brien)

A spunky personal chef. A brooding ex-Navy SEAL. An unexpected love that will rock them to the core.

Free-spirited Tess Eisenhart wasn’t looking for love when she went to Hawaii for her sister, Ryleigh’s, wedding. Everything changed the instant she met Caden O’Brien, her future brother-in-law’s brother. A former Navy SEAL, Caden is a tough-guy who seems oblivious to Tess’s charms. When their paths keep crossing, Tess suspects that Caden may be more interested in her than he appears.

Will Caden and Tess’s budding relationship be able to withstand the wounds of the past, or will everything they hold dear crumble in the face of misunderstanding and deception?

Her Christmas Wedding Fake Fiancé (Colin O’Brien)

The feisty owner of a cleaning business and a hard-nosed CEO strike an unusual bargain that might be just the very thing to spark a little Christmas magic.

Sofia Reed has worked hard to build her cleaning business and is making great strides. When, Colin O’Brien, a prominent CEO of a mega successful company, accuses her maids of negligence, Sofia makes a personal visit to the man, hoping to resolve the issue. Bad goes to worse, and Sofia finds herself in an all-out brawl with the strikingly handsome but strait-laced wonder boy she’s dubbed Ice Man. An unfortunate mishap sends things spiraling out of control.

Then, Colin makes Sofia an offer she can’t refuse.

One Singing Bachelorette (Asher O’Brien)

No one actually falls in love on a TV reality show ... do they?

It's not easy being a cousin to the illustrious Romeos and having to walk in their shadows. However, Lexi Romeo is holding her own. She's determined to make it as a singer and songwriter. A chance to become one of the hopeful bachelorettes on a TV reality series might just be her ticket to fame. However, one look into Asher O'Brien's piercing blue eyes, and her world is rocked

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O'Brien Family Romance Collection by Jennifer Youngblood