Treble Maker

by Kendra Moreno

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Treble Maker by Kendra Moreno
Ever since Vega died on the surgery table and came back to life, she thought things were starting to look up. She was alive, she was finally pursuing her dream of being a songwriter, and she landed a job at the historic Paragon Music Hall. She’d hoped to brush elbows with the greatest bands of her century. She never realized she’d also run into four sexy musical ghosts.

With her past coming back to haunt her and four ghosts literally haunting her, Vega must face the difficult choice of holding on or letting go, all while trying to write the next great song. Music can soothe the soul, but sometimes, it twists you up, instead.

With something sinister brewing in the Paragon, and Vega the link between it all, will she be strong enough to face what’s coming? Will her ghosts stay or will they go into the light?

In the end, we all become the phantoms we fear. What matters is how you come to life again.

**Treble Maker is a paranormal WhyChoose romance which means the leading lady doesn't have to choose**

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Treble Maker by Kendra Moreno