Twelve Days of Christmas Chaos

by Wendy Knight

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Twelve Days of Christmas Chaos by Wendy Knight
It all started with a partridge.
In a pine tree.
And two dogs. Three ferrets. Four hamsters. Five golden fish.
It just went on from there.

Cleo Klausse has spent her entire life as one half of what the kids called the Christmas Couple, forever tied to the gorgeous and obnoxiously perfect Kayne Frost because of their last names, an annoying little joke given that neither one of them actually wanted to be part of the couple. But their common interest—volunteering as animal rescuers at the animal sanctuary—keeps pulling them back together. Especially when he got her sprayed by a skunk.

Kayne came back from Arizona with one goal—convince Cleo that they are more than just a schoolyard joke without scaring her off. He has a plan, full of twists and turns and slow baby steps. Unfortunately, the Twelve Days of Christmas doesn’t believe in baby steps and throws them together at every possible chance.
But there’s a beauty in chaos, and hope in the mess it leaves behind. Kayne just has to convince Cleo to see it.


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12 Days of Christmas Chaos by Wendy Knight
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Twelve Days of Christmas Chaos by Wendy Knight