Soulbound (The Bound Trilogy #1)

by Charlotte Blair

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[?] · 1 ratings · Published: Dec 7th, 2020

Soulbound by Charlotte Blair
I thought a scummy ex-boyfriend was the worst of my problems. Turns out fate is more cruel than I gave it credit for.
Samiel was supposed to be a drunk hookup; some hot guy at the bar who would distract me from my feelings. But then he transformed into a creature beyond words. A nightmare.

Soon after, my life starts unraveling, as I'm lured into his life. Secrets are uncovered. Secrets from my friends. My family. Myself.

The deeper I delve into the world of darkness, the more questions arise. Who is he, truly? What keeps drawing us together? And how am I supposed to find the truth while trapped in the sights of a predator?

I witnessed my brother fall to madness for the love of a human. Love is a poison to our people, and yet he believed he was stronger. I would never be so foolish, not when I was so close to becoming king. I would protect myself at any cost.

Then I found my soulmate.

She is a ticking time bomb. A beautiful, reckless threat. To save myself from the curse of insanity, I have to bind her as my property. I have to convince her to join me in eternity before she has a chance to destroy my life with love.

Because staying away could never be an option. Not with her.
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Soulbound by Charlotte Blair