216 Rancher Way (A Cherry Falls Romance #7)

by Olivia T. Turner

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216 Rancher Way by Olivia T. Turner
The town of Cherry Falls is a lot of things, but exciting is not one of them.
Which makes my job as a reporter for the town paper really freaking hard.
The front page of the last issue featured a story about a raccoon who looked like Samuel L. Jackson.
Not exactly thrilling.
But when I'm forced to cover the new albino calf on the Cherry Blossom Ranch...
I find out the meaning of thrilling.
And it's not the baby cow.
It's the rough, wild-looking rancher, Butch Steele.
Every hair on my body stands straight up when I see the possessive way he's staring at me with those fierce dark eyes.
Now, the only story I want to know is his.
And the only thing he wants is me.
There's nothing this obsessed man won't do to get me.
I don't think he believes in freedom of the press, because he's about to tie me up to keep me from leaving.
If you see my editor, tell her I might miss my deadline...
Actually, tell her I'm taking the week off.
This place is way too exciting to leave.

Cherry Falls is filled with returning characters and iconic destinations that will begin to feel like family. When you leave the city, and drive into Cherry Falls, it's like you've finally come home.
The cherry on top? Each book delivers a swoon-worthy romance!
So welcome to Cherry Falls, we hope you stay awhile!

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216 Rancher Way by Olivia T. Turner