Link: A Dark MC Romance by Serena Akeroyd

Link: A Dark MC Romance (Dark and Dirty Sinners' MC #2)

by Serena Akeroyd

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Link: A Dark MC Romance by Serena Akeroyd
To me, Link is freedom.

He's hope.

He's the promise of safety, shackled in the form of a man with no honor.

But honor is multi-faceted.

Honor comes at a cost, a cost I know Link is willing to pay for those he considers family.

But me? I'm not family.

I'm not the kind of woman Link only wants in his bed.

I'm the kind of woman who makes a man's soul burn.

Born of a family whose evil has rotted through to its core, I was doomed from the start. But, like any pretty bird in a gilded cage, I crave freedom.

Through fair means or foul.

But freedom is multi-faceted.

Freedom comes at a cost: the loss of my heart to a man with no honor. At least, a man who had no honor until I walked into his life. Until I made his soul burn for me. Until I gave him the keys to my cage and found liberation. 

But darkness waits around the corner. For both of us. We can fight it together or apart... find out which option we take in LINK.
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