Hidden Agendas

by Autumn Flowers

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Hidden Agendas by Autumn Flowers
Alyssa is a beautiful, young, and vibrant woman searching for true love and all that comes with it. Alyssa gets caught up between two men who keep her in a cycle of abuse, scandals and lies. It becomes a pattern that she could not escape. Even with red flags waving high, Alyssa was determined to hold on to each relationship in the name of love and family. However, she learns that the toxic relationships that she has endured have consequences far greater than she could have ever imagined. There are other lives affected other than her own and the damage is irreparable. Alyssa decides to get sweet revenge but later discovers that it does not fill her void. Alyssa quickly understands that in order to protect her heart and her family, she must learn to read between the lies.
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Hidden Agendas by Autumn Flowers