Kraving Dravka (The Krave of Everton #3)

by Zoey Draven

4.00 · 3 ratings · Published: Mar 2nd, 2021  | 

Kraving Dravka by Zoey Draven
Welcome to Madame Allegria’s, where your Krave will satisfy your every desire…

Being brave?

Valerie Browen doesn’t remember how to be brave, especially when she has an evil, corrupt aunt tracking her every movement, whose wealth and power extends across all the New Earth colonies.

Even worse?

Her aunt owns and runs an illegal brothel, where wealthy human women come to spend the night with an infamous Krave, highly desired alien lovers with certain—ahem—skills and non-human abilities between the sheets.

Worst of all?

Valerie’s in love with one of them and has been since the first moment she saw him. Dravka. With his opal eyes, dusky blue skin, and a wicked, secretive grin he saves just for her. Being with him makes her tremble with need and they’ve never even touched.

But with time suddenly running out between them, Valerie decides to give that bravery thing another shot…or else she might lose him forever.

Kraving Dravka is Book 3 in the Krave of Everton series. While it can be read as a standalone, you'll have a more satisfying experience reading the series in order.

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Kraving Dravka: Dravka and Valerie

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Kraving Dravka by Zoey Draven