by Kathryn Hewitt

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TWELVE MINUTES by Kathryn Hewitt
Cass was a Freshman in college when she was attacked in a park and sexually assaulted by an unknown assailant. As she lay in a hospital bed, physically recovering from being brutalized, she began an even more daunting journey: that of her psychological healing. With the support and companionship of her nurse turned confidant, and her therapist, Cass finally begins to see the possibility of a light on the other side of what feels like an infinity of darkness. Dealing with the effects of her trauma proves to be a daily struggle, one filled with triggers and fear, and debilitating anxiety. Reconciling her internal conflict as she examines her choice to bargain for the future, while attempting to own the loss of so much, still feels nearly impossible. Despite the daunting task of simply living, Cass is tired of being held hostage by her attacker. Deciding that she refuses to let him control her life any longer, Cass feels that she is ready to return to school. As she develops an unlikely friendship with another student and finds herself romantically drawn to a man who seems to be everything that she could dream of in a partner, she begins to discover herself. The simple act of having ventured out of her self-isolation feels like a huge step in Cass’ healing process, so hanging with her new friend Harrison, and admiring Charlie from afar, seems both remarkable and satisfyingly normal. As Cass embarks on her road to wellness, taking small steps out of her comfort zone proves to be rewarding, reinforcing her belief that surviving her attack was worth the trade-off of all that had been taken from her. But when Cass’ world is turned upside down, again, reconciling her progress with the harsh realities of the world threatens to be too much. Only by relying on her own rediscovered strength, can Cass fight her way back to the life that she had only just begun to realize she deserves.
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TWELVE MINUTES by Kathryn Hewitt