Breaking the Bully

by Jessa Kane

4.40 · 5 ratings · Published: Mar 22nd, 2021  | 

Breaking the Bully by Jessa Kane
We’re from different sides of the tracks, but Allie James has always owned me. Heart and soul. After years of pining for her in the halls of our high school, I finally touch her one night in an open field beneath a storm, receiving a miracle I never expected—she needs me in return. Or so I think. As soon as she finds out I’m a handyman, she cuts me off. But I’m not letting the richest girl in school break my heart without consequences. She will pay…

But I’ll pay a far worse price when I find out why she really left me hanging without a word. And after unfairly bullying my sweet girl, I’ll sell my soul to win her back.

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Breaking the Bully by Jessa Kane