Boss: Time Served MC Book 1 (Tenillo Guardians TSMC)

by Cee Bowerman

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Boss: Time Served MC Book 1 (Tenillo Guardians TSMC) by Cee Bowerman
“You’re everything I never even thought about wishing for.”
After serving time in prison for killing a man, Boss is mostly content with his life in small town Tenillo, Texas. He’s got his friends, his brothers from the club, his job working for his mentor, and pets who welcome him home at night.
A single offhand comment to some friends changes his entire life. One glance at Jenn, and it changes even more.
From inmate to in love, Boss is on a roller coaster that’s got no chance to slow down. He’ll work together with his MC and the friends they’ve made in the Ares Infidels MC to clean up the town they live in and avenge the attack on his mentor, Pop. At the same time, he’s falling head over heels for the pretty woman in the fancy aprons who tastes like oranges and heaven.
An unhappy marriage sends Jenn on a cross country journey to find her happiness. After landing in Tenillo, she makes a comfortable home there. Since she doesn’t have children and never will, Jenn opens her heart to any stray that needs her love.
Between working in her coffee truck and taking care of her menagerie of animals, there’s not much time for anything else in her life until Boss comes along. Rather than pull her away from what she loves, he stands beside her and becomes part of it.
When Jenn is targeted by some of the unsavory characters that Boss has vowed to get rid of, she’s got to fight to save herself.
Two people who, at first glance, don’t seem to have much in common find out that they’re more alike than they’d imagined, and realize that there is such a thing as happily ever after as long as you’re both willing to work for it.

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Boss: Time Served MC Book 1 (Tenillo Guardians TSMC) by Cee Bowerman