Hot Summer Nights by Jordan Marie

Hot Summer Nights (Lucas Brothers #7)

by Jordan Marie

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Hot Summer Nights by Jordan Marie
Maggie Lucas is my kryptonite.
She always has been.

My life could be summed up in a childhood refrain.
Here I go around the Mulberry Tree—except with me Mulberry is replaced by Magnolia.

Actually, maybe the correct line is Mulberry bush--but it definitely still applies.

Maggie was my first—and I mean my first everything. I never regretted it, because I was her first too.

We got together too young but still tried to make it work.
And life tried to destroy us.

Some pain will either tear you apart or bring you closer.

For me and Magnolia Tree Lucas it did both.

We may have divorced, but I never stopped loving her and as weird as it sounds, I’m sure she loves me.

Maggie says she doesn’t want anything permanent, but hell, we’ve been at this for over seventeen years.

We have a son together, but our lives—for the most part—are separate.

It’s time things change.

I’m tired of waiting for Maggie to realize what I’ve always known.
We're supposed to be together.

So, I offer Maggie a deal. Give me two weeks to prove it.

Two weeks of hot summer nights, that I plan to make even hotter in the bedroom.

If I can’t convince her to finally come home to me by then… I’m walking away.


(Two weeks of fun with a hot as hell man that Maggie has always been in love with? Maybe she could resist him alone, but when her crazy family gets involved... all bets are off. Complete Standalone Romance)
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