Crown of Aster

by Emmaline Strange

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Crown of Aster by Emmaline Strange
When Adair first catches Nathaniel’s scent in his forest, he’s curious and aroused. He’s never smelled anything like it, and though the faun has been avoiding entanglements with humans for decades, he thinks the time might be ripe to make an exception.

When Nathaniel first sets eyes on Adair, he’s terrified--and, to be honest, a little aroused. Learning that the forest near his village is full of mysterious fae folk has Nathaniel’s head spinning, and finding out the handsome faun now intent on courting him is the heir to the fae kingdom is, quite frankly, a lot to handle. However, their attraction is mutual and undeniable, and Nathaniel finds himself falling hard for the mysterious forest dweller. As they grow closer, Nathaniel learns that the trees he’s lived beside his entire life are full of secrets, magic—and danger.

A dark new presence in the woods threatens the fae folk and the humans alike, turning the gentle fae wild and violent, Adair among them. For Adair and Nathaniel to protect their shared world, they must discover who is behind this force of wild magic before Adair and his kin are too far gone to save.
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  • fantasy 2
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Crown of Aster by Emmaline Strange