Twice Bitten by Jayda Marx

Twice Bitten (Javier Coven #3)

by Jayda Marx

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Twice Bitten by Jayda Marx
Sam -
Lately, I’ve been feeling restless. My best friends are happily mated and constantly loving all over each other. While I’m happy for them, I also can’t help but be a little jealous. It’s a foreign feeling for me; I’ve never been interested in a relationship, since all of my adult life has been about the next hookup with whatever man was in front of me at the time. But lately, hookups just haven’t hit the spot (heh - that sounds dirty). Eager for a change of scenery, I accompany my friends to Spain for the feast being held in honor of Dante and Ben’s marriage. It’s there that my life is changed forever when I see my mates from across the room; and yes, I said mates. As in plural. I’ve always been interested in...entertaining two men at a time, but I never thought Fate would bless me with two mates. They’re strong, gorgeous, red-haired (my favorite!), and sexy as sin in kilts. I immediately envision them whispering nasty things to me in Scottish brogue. Things seem absolutely perfect...until they aren’t. My mates take one look at me and stomp away in a cloud of disappointment and anger. Vampire mates are supposed to fall head over heels with one glance, but mine don’t want me.

Fletcher -
My twin brother Flynn has always been my closest friend and greatest ally. For five hundred twelve years, we’ve fought side-by-side in battle countless times. We fiercely defend our kin, coven and each other. However, Flynn can also be my biggest irritation. We love each other deeply, as brothers should, but we also fight like cats and dogs. Though we look similar, our personalities vary greatly; I’m pensive and practical while Flynn is carefree and silly. Our differences have caused many arguments between us, but we always work things out. Flynn and I travel together to Spain for the commemoration of the prince’s bonding, and there we meet our mate. And yes, I said mate. As in singular. One man for both my brother and me. Jealousy flares and tempers rise; how can this be? Can we put aside our selfishness and give our mate the love he deserves, or will this be one rift that finally tears us all apart?

*This M/M paranormal romance is for readers 18 and up! It has no cliffhangers or cheating and a very happy HEA. It contains a naughty vampire, his sexy fated mates, and hilarious best friends. Look out for fun Scottish insults, heartwarming moments and steamy scenes!

**Author’s note: This paranormal romance features my take on some seriously sexy vampires. They share many attributes of vampires found in other fictional works, but not all. This low-angst book contains instalove between fated mates, sweet moments, lots of laughs, and of course steamy scenes. I want my readers to finish my books with a smile on their face and a fierce case of the warm and fuzzies. Laughter is guaranteed, and each read delivers its own type of drama. Thanks for taking a look and happy reading!
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