Double-Dog Dare: Pick-up Lines Book 3 (Pick-up Lines #3)

by Kayt Miller

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Double-Dog Dare: Pick-up Lines Book 3 by Kayt Miller
Have you ever done something so embarrassing all you want to do is crawl beneath your bed covers and never leave?
Yeah, me neither.
Okay. That’s a lie. It happened to me, Emma Perkins. All thanks to my best friend and a stupid, pathetic dare. And not just any dare––the sacrosanct Double Dog Dare no less.
She Dared me to talk the hottest guy at a fancy club because, in her words, she’s tired of me “hiding in the corner of life”.
I don’t know why. The corner of life is nice. It’s safe.
Because a Double Dog Dare cannot be undone. I did it. I spoke to him and proceeded to humiliate myself.
She swore I’d never see him again.
Because of course I saw him again. One Eli Baxter.
And well, I guess I should thank my best friend and her stupid dare because humiliating myself turned out to be the best decision I ever made.
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Double-Dog Dare: Pick-up Lines Book 3 by Kayt Miller