T Is for Time Travel

by Stanlei Bellan

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T Is for Time Travel by Stanlei Bellan
Take the road less time traveled.

In this collection of ten stories, author Stanlei Bellan takes you on a rollicking journey through the timestream.

* Discover a lamp on the beach holding a genie that can grant you three...trips?
* Meet a veteran soldier assisting a mad scientist who is convinced he’s created the first time machine; a harmless delusion – until it works.
* Watch a 19th century lighthouse keeper find out what she’s willing to fight for, and then find a whole new world of trouble.
* Explore the dangers of time looping aboard a spaceship with an ensign who is stuck between duty and his conscience. Would you make the same choices?

T Is for Time Travel is a fun and fast-paced collection of timely short stories that will introduce you to characters you’ll love, thrilling adventures, and thought-provoking scenarios – with plenty of laughs along the way.

Are you ready to jump in – whenever it may take you?
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T Is for Time Travel by Stanlei Bellan