More in Heaven and Earth, Box Set 1

by Katherine Gilbert

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More in Heaven and Earth, Box Set 1 by Katherine Gilbert

Supernatural investigations, paranormal apartment complexes, and demon-haunted ancient family mansions. Welcome to the world of More in Heaven and Earth, where humor, suspense, romance, and the paranormal all find a home.

In this box set, you’ll find the first three full-length, stand-alone novels of the More in Heaven and Earth series, plus two short story prequels. Dive into this fun, supernatural world and meet the witches, angels, werewolves, ghosts, vampires, and many others who inhabit it.

Here’s what you’ll get:

Unearthly Remains

London: What happens when you’re a sensible 80-year-old immortal detective and you suddenly meet a new werewolf with Post-Turn Stress Disorder that all your friends and acquaintances insist you’re destined for?

Ask Sgt. Marilyn Jaye, as she tries to focus on a frustrating investigation into two paranormal murders, all while being distracted by the imps, sorcerers, immortal spirits of Romantic poets, sirens, and many others who make up Supernatural Oversight and the sad, gentle eyes of the werewolf she can’t get off her mind in this funny, romantic, and suspenseful paranormal mystery. Full of rhumbaing werewolves, nosy vampires in classic Victorian cemeteries, and imps in love with cats.

Protecting the Dead

Decatur, Georgia: New to your supernatural unlife and having a few difficulties? The Roanoke Apartments is your perfect new home. Meet Lydia in her first days on the job there, as she’s forced to accept that she can’t run from the paranormal world she wishes she could deny by simply renaming herself.

Instead, she’s faced with werewolves, vampires, ghosts, far too many demons, and a few angels, including a heavenly (and distractingly-attractive) boss. Discover her attempts to outrun the (literal) demons of her past in this hilarious, suspenseful, and romantic urban fantasy. Full of snarky talking cats, imps building castles in closets, and annoying trips to vampire nightclubs.

Moonlight, Magnolias, and Magic

Charleston, South Carolina: Working for a flaky English duke is one thing. Discovering that the family home you ran from wants your soul is quite another.

Annabella LeCanard is annoyed enough with everything, including her own, stupid name. But when she’s called back for a family funeral to the one place she’s vowed never to return, and the insane Duke of Winchester and his perfect assistant, Tillie, insist on tagging along, she figures she’s in for a few days of annoyance--only to find that there’s much more terror in her antebellum family home than she’d thought. Discover the deep chills, magic, and romance of this gothic urban fantasy. Full of terrifying family secrets, friends with something to hide, and oddly canine humans.

Also included are “Things to Do at the British Museum When You’re Dead,” where you’ll meet one of the few fully human members of Supernatural Oversight, and “How to Succeed at a Job Interview When You’re Hallucinating Pixies,” where you’ll learn how Annabella came to work for the Duke.

Enter this delightful and funny paranormal world today!

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More in Heaven and Earth, Box Set 1 by Katherine Gilbert