Rejected Queen (Shattered Destiny of Alexandra Wolf #1)

by Avery Stone

4.25 ·
[?] · 8 ratings · Published: Jun 4th, 2021

Rejected Queen by Avery Stone
His lips finish devouring yours, leaving you speechless.
Mere seconds ago, you were complete strangers, but now, under the moonlight, he’s everything to you: friend, lover, partner in all things dangerous in these lands of shadows and deceit.
You trust him .

He looks into your eyes, anticipation building as your lips are centimeters from his. All you need is his answer, the words that would make you his...forever.
He smiles with grace and whispers,
“I reject you.”

Heart shattered, you watch him walk away with his devil’s grin, knowing you’ll be broken for eternity while he moves on to another deemed more worthy. Little does he know that a crown sits heavily on your head. One that gives you power, control, and the opportunity for you to meet him again.

Today, you’re spurned and forgotten, but that won’t be the case forever. You’ll rise from the ashes and sit upon the throne he’s desperate to claim.

You won’t be a Rejected Queen forever.

REJECTED QUEEN is a full-length (100k+) Paranormal Rejected Mates Romance. Recommended for 18+ due to language and sexual situations
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Rejected Queen by Avery Stone