Under The Greek's Protection (The Greek Mafia #2)

by Sonja B.

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· 1 ratings · Published: Jun 11th, 2021

Under The Greek's Protection by Sonja B.
Crazy Loves Crazy

Slowly sitting up, Hailey looks down at Alistair’s handsome face. He seems so normal in his sleep. Just looking at him in this state, no one would ever guess an insane teddy bear hid behind those eyelids. Reaching for the pillow to the side of her, Hailey takes it in her hands, then presses it upon his face, using all of her weight. It takes a few seconds, but Alistair begins to stir, kicking the covers off of himself. Try as she might, Hailey’s not strong enough to hold it on him. Alistair snatches the pillow from her hands, then throws it to the foot of the bed.

“Woman what the hell is wrong with you,” he barks, breathing heavily. “Were you seriously trying to kill me?” Alistair glares at Hailey, rubbing his nose.

“Kill you, no. Make you suffer because I can’t sleep, then yes,” Hailey states, irritated.

Alistair squints his eyes at her. “So, because I can sleep and you can’t, you try to smother me? And they say I’m the crazy one.”

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Under The Greek's Protection by Sonja B.