The Blush Factor by Deborah Bladon

The Blush Factor (The Hawthornes of New York #2)

by Deborah Bladon

3.75 ·
Explicit open door [?] · 4 ratings · Published: 10 Sep 2021

The Blush Factor by Deborah Bladon
I lost something.

No, it’s not my virginity. I’m still clinging tightly to that because…well, there’s only one man I want to help me lose that.

It just so happens that same man found my journal in the elevator last night after I accidentally dropped it.

I’ve carted that leather-bound journal around Manhattan with me since I moved here a year ago.

It holds my most private thoughts, including the fact that I want Dr. Matthew Hawthorne to take my virginity. He’s the perfect candidate for the job.

He’s older, wiser, ridiculously gorgeous, and his body looks like it was carved out of stone. Did I mention he has tattoos?

I’ve watched him through the peephole in my door for the past twelve months, and I admit I stared when I saw him on campus visiting one of my professors last week.

Before today, he didn’t know my name.

Now, my innermost secrets are his to read.

It’s only a matter of time before he realizes that the pre-med student living across the hall from him wishes he would take her V-card.
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