Make Me a Match

by Ella Goode

3.98 ·
[?] · 12 ratings · Published: Jan 5th, 2021

Make Me a Match by Ella Goode
When high school history teacher, Gant Fréres, gets roped into a charity bachelor auction by his wealthy family, he knows he’s doomed. The buyers are usually of a certain age with strange requests. He’d rather spend a week locked in a room with his football students fielding questions about puberty than strutting down the stage in a penguin suit waiting to be sold. While his mother and sister plot his downfall, Gant tries to come up with a plan to save himself.

When her long lost grandmother showed up in her hometown, Paislee Rhodes thought she was doomed. After all, the grandmother was from her dad’s side—the side that had kicked her mom to the curb and Paislee to be raised alone. Her grandmother has different ideas. She spirits Paislee away to the Abbott mansion to make a match between the wealthy Freres family and the Abbotts. Step one: get Paislee to buy Gant Freres at the bachelor auction. Step two: profit. While her grandma plots her downfall, Paislee tries to come up with a plan to save herself.
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Make Me a Match by Ella Goode