Running From The Rain (Enduring The Storms #1)

by Neffie Rae

5.00 ·
[?] · 2 ratings · Published: Jul 8th, 2021

Running From The Rain by Neffie Rae
When Savannah Woodward runs away from her abusive, cheating boyfriend, Keith, she doesn’t expect to find Curtis—another broken soul—on the side of the road. Nor does she expect to spend the next few days of her life in his arms, blissfully happy. But Savannah can’t outrun Keith forever. When an accident happens leaving her without her father and her mother hospitalized, Savannah has nowhere to go but back to him. After four long years, Savannah finally gets another chance at happiness when Keith unknowingly hires Curtis. Still in love with her, Curtis isn’t about to let Savannah slip away again. And after Savannah sees Curtis again, it only reaffirms what she’s been trying to hide and forget, her own love for him. When Curtis offers her a lifeline, for her own sake and that of their child, Savannah grabs a hold with both hands. Now Savannah finally has a chance to enjoy life and be happy with a good man. But Keith isn’t giving up so easily, and his reach is long and terrifying.
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Running From The Rain by Neffie Rae