SBMC Maryland Box Set

by Erin Trejo

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SBMC Maryland Box Set by Erin Trejo
GAUGE: Drugs. Addiction. I knew those things. I lived them.
Breathed them. So when I met the Prez’s daughter I knew I needed to stay far away from her.
Yet she pushed my buttons and I found myself attracted to her and her mouthy ways.
I learned the hard way that you can’t fix what doesn’t admit to being broken.
And she was broken.

SHAFT: Mistakes. I was good at making those. I made a million in my lifetime.
Two pregnant women would not be ideal unless you were me.
One is a raging control freak and the other is the girl I want to spend my life with.
They say everything happens for a reason but now that I’m in this mess, I’m not sure what that reason is.
Hard choices are made and in the end, I hope I made the right ones.

WOLF:I’ve known heartache. I’ve known pain.
The day I met Krista, I felt them all slam into me like a ton of bricks.
She was intriguing and mysterious. Then I learned why she kept so many secrets.
Her hidden past was going to tear us apart piece by piece before we ever get a chance to get started.
And I’m going to let it.

SLY: As President of this Chapter, I held all the cards in my hands. I was a leader.
But I was also a failure. I made mistakes that cost a person’s life that was close to me.
I’ve regretted that decision since I learned what I’d done.
The remorse ran deeper the more I feel for a cute little thing at a rally we were attending.
At first I thought it was a good time but when I learned her real truth, her real betrayal, I knew nothing good would come from us.
We fought ourselves for love but in the end is it worth it?
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SBMC Maryland Box Set by Erin Trejo