Ankhara Codes

by Ellie A Deighton

5.00 ·
Explicit and plentiful [?] · 1 ratings · Published: Nov 29th, 2020

Ankhara Codes by Ellie A Deighton
Ankhara Codes is a coming of age initiation into magic for those ready to express their true essence in the world. This creatively inspiring novel shares the adventures of Megan, a magical royal who grew up thinking she was human. When Megan's known world collapses, she is spun into the her very own journey to essence, where she must choose between that which is seemingly easy and that which is the calling of her heart - the fulfilment of a two thousand year old prophecy. The Hearth's People's long-thought-dead Princess Ankhara is returned to her people only to find her destiny disrupted by the illusions of her brother and the search for a lost dragon on earth. Will she follow the call to awaken magic or will darkness tempt her? Follow her tale and training as she falls in forbidden love, communicates with the dead and ventures on an unexpected journey she will never forget. Awaken your own magic and claim your desires as you turn each page of this masterpiece that will guide you home to your heart. Magic is real. Are you ready to remember?

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Ankhara Codes by Ellie A Deighton