Once Bitten by Jayda Marx

Once Bitten (Javier Coven #1)

by Jayda Marx

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Once Bitten by Jayda Marx

For over three hundred years, I’ve waited for Fate to deliver my soulmate; the person I’d love for the rest of my life; the one I was destined to protect, to treasure and to cherish. The one to complete me.

I never expected to find him dancing like an angel in my nightclub. The moment my eyes gazed upon his beauty, my heart was gone. The most mesmerizing thing about him were his eyes; he had the biggest, roundest doe eyes I’d ever seen. They were an enchanting shade of blue; the exact color of the Mediterranean Sea. When I looked into those eyes, I was home.

The problem? Ben is human and knows nothing of vampires or our culture. His anxious nature and pure heart give me pause in divulging my true identity. Will he believe what I have to tell him? Can he ever accept what I’ve done; what I need to do? Can someone so sweet and innocent ever see me as anything but a monster?

Time is running out for me to claim my mate as I grow weaker every day. If he does accept me, can I keep him safe from the dangers that lurk around every corner?


The nightclub really isn’t my scene. I’m more of a book reading, star gazing nerd at heart. However, I allow my best friend to drag me out one night (at nine o’clock, I might add!) because I can’t resist his puppy dog expression and he knows it.

There, I find the sexiest man I’ve ever seen; tall, strong, and with a sultry Spanish accent that turns my insides to goo. We hit it off immediately, but I’m worried; how can this wealthy, powerful man be attracted to boring little me?

The most exciting thing about me is that I know how to ballroom dance, and that’s only because I took lessons with my grandma! I’ve got no experience with men, my best friend refers to me as “Papaw” because again, I’m boring, and a hundred different worries are always battling in my mind.

Can Dante accept me as I am and maybe bring a little excitement into my life?

*This M/M paranormal romance is for readers 18 and up! It has no cliffhangers or cheating and a very happy HEA. It contains a sexy Spaniard vampire, his anxious little love and a hilarious (if not insufferable) best friend. Look out for lurking dangers, heartwarming moments and steamy scenes!

**Author’s note: Thank you for your interest in my book! This paranormal romance features my take on some seriously sexy vampires. They share many attributes of vampires found in other fictional works, but not all. This book contains dark elements, fated mates, sweet moments and lots of laughs. My stories tend to be low angst because it hurts my heart; I like getting to the good stuff and live for fluff. If “instalove” isn’t your thing, my books may not be for you. I want my readers to finish my books with a smile on their face and a fierce case of the warm and fuzzies. Laughter is guaranteed, and each read delivers its own type of drama. Thanks again for taking a look and happy reading!
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