COPPER: a Boldene Romance ( #2)

by Esther Star

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COPPER: a Boldene Romance by Esther Star


She doesn’t do high maintenance anything. She and Svere might both live in the same small town of Boldene and share the same circle of friends, but theirs in an undercover romance. Period. Aurora has enough responsibility with her ailing mother and fledgling career. But when her mother takes a turn for the worse, Aurora’s priorities change, and she can no longer escape to work destination weddings and covert assignments.

Svere Benhaus is back in Boldene to stay. He has spent the last decade on the road forging necessary relationships to grow his private investment firm. Focused on the prize, he rarely lingered with any of the exotic beauties used to sway his opinion on potential partnerships. But when he ran into hometown girl Aurora Copper in Amsterdam, and then again on Santorini, Svere could not resist. He consented to her ridiculous terms and agreed to keep their escapades undercover whenever in Boldene.

And now that his best friend and Aurora’s best friend are married, Svere and Aurora can’t help but bump into each other. All the time. Much to Aurora’s dismay, Svere is everywhere, pushing her to be open about everything including them and the gorgeous work hidden in her studio.

Bored chronicling the usual liminal moments of others, what will it take for Aurora to create some of her own?

COPPER is an emotionally intelligent small-town contemporary romance. It is the second BOLDENE romance featuring a tight knit group of women who prefer to face life’s lemons head on…but only after a shot of alcohol, a hit of pot, and a broad streak of sarcasm. LIfe is about balance, after all.

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COPPER: a Boldene Romance by Esther Star