Savaged: A SciFi Romance (Brides of Veritas #3)

by Athena Storm

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Savaged: A SciFi Romance by Athena Storm
I don’t care if Vaxtin is my fated mate. I’m not going to drop everything for him.

Because most likely he’s going to pick me up and throw me over his shoulder.
Seriously, I was on the cusp of the biggest discovery of my career.
That’s when this dude just showed up.
He’s all twisted steel and muscle.
Sure he looks human. But something about him I can’t place.
Maybe its that rugged, handsome face.
Or those red scales.

Wait, what?

That’s right. One moment, we’re getting “acquainted” and losing our clothes in the process. The next, I accidentally turn off some image inducer and see a real live alien in front of me.
An alien that needs to keep his presence a secret.
Now I’m on his back, and he’s dragging me to his secret hideout on a tropical island.
He’s going to lock me away.
Let me eat whatever I want after I get a complete makeover.
And use me for whatever he wants.
Whenever he wants.

I only have one thing to say to that.

I can’t wait!

Author's Note: This is a standalone story with no cheating and a HEA filled with giggles and steam that will make you feel gooey and happy after you're done!
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Savaged: A SciFi Romance by Athena Storm