Your Promise (The Fae Court #1)

by Bethany Anne Lovejoy

4.00 ·
Innocent [?] · 1 ratings · Published: Dec 17th, 2020

Your Promise by Bethany Anne Lovejoy
When Prince James disappears the kingdom is thrown into turmoil, and my quiet life is overturned. Without warning, our king removes the nobles from the court, the fiance chosen by my father being one of them. But it’s not just my fiance who arrives at my doorstep; it’s my longtime friend Enry, the one who I swore long ago to never love again.
Now I have to face not only the two of them but the rumors of the prince wandering my land. But when a handsome, playful stranger appears in my guestroom, I find myself only deeper entangled in the kingdom’s mystery. The mark of the fae’s wings on my back growing darker the closer I get to the secret...
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Your Promise by Bethany Anne Lovejoy