Nanny For The Alien Primal: A SciFi Romance (Mates of the Precursors #1)

by Athena Storm

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Nanny For The Alien Primal: A SciFi Romance by Athena Storm
He may be a king but my rank is higher. Its called 'mom'.

One day I get a knock on my door.
It’s the Drokan King.
Turns out that the two orphaned kids my best friend left behind when she died are royalty.
He says I need to bring them to the Palace. And I need to come be their nanny.
He’ll pay me handsomely and ensure I live a life of privilege and comfort.

But there’s something more.
I see a glint a hunger on his handsome alien face.
A stiffening of his muscular, ripped body.
I can tell he wants me to be around him.
That he sees me as his.

I can hear his thoughts.
He thinks I’m his fated mate.
I can sense his desire. It’s thick. Strong.
I can almost touch it. Taste it.

Am I going to give in?
Be a human in this alien’s court.
Care for his children and tend his home?
I will…but he can’t call me a maid or a nanny.
He has to call me…

A Wife.

(I’ll also accept “Mother”)

Author's Note: This is a completely standalone novel set in the Athenaverse. Even if you've never come into the Athenaverse, you'll be able to enjoy this science fiction romance that has no cliffhangers or cheating and guaranteed happily ever after!
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Nanny For The Alien Primal: A SciFi Romance by Athena Storm