Kraving Tavak (The Krave of Everton #4)

by Zoey Draven

4.29 ·
Explicit and plentiful [?] · 7 ratings · Published: 14 Sep 2021

Kraving Tavak by Zoey Draven
A female is the last thing I want or need.

Doesn’t matter if they’re Laoti, or Luxirian, or human….females mean trouble and I’m so vauking tired of trouble.

What I want is to spend my days in peace. After years of working in a brothel, of being pawed at and owned and consumed by women, I want to be left alone.

Then I see her.

A human female who makes my hearts pound, who makes my blood rush, and my wicked desire flare to life. She’s not intimidated by my scowl or my cold indifference meant to keep her away. She grins when I snarl. She teases me when I’m surly and angry.

I can’t give her the forever she wants.

But I can give her right now…and she’ll spend it in my furs where she belongs.
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