Hold Me Forever

by Layla Hagen

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Hold Me Forever by Layla Hagen
Tyler Maxwell's story will be released on January 18th.

As the leagues’ top goalie for the Chicago Blades, I stay disciplined and follow three principles:
1. Keep a pristine image.
2. Play smart and hard on the ice.
3. Stay out of relationships.

I was doing great until a mishap tarnished my image and management told me I needed to do some groveling by coaching a bunch of kids at The Chicago Sports Center. But if fate wasn’t trying to tempt me, the coordinator assigned to my case sure is. Kendra is so striking I can’t stop flirting with her. She’s got her defenses up, but sometimes she lets them slip, and I like what I see.
Management’s directives were clear from the start: “Kendra is off-limits.”
Thing is, they don’t get to tell me what to do off the ice. I’m not going to let anyone stand in my way.
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Hold Me Forever by Layla Hagen