Cataclysm by Sarah Bailey

Cataclysm (Four Horsemen #4)

by Sarah Bailey

4.26 ·
Explicit and plentiful [?] · 16 ratings · Published: 19 Nov 2021

Cataclysm by Sarah Bailey
Drake Ackley - Death

They call us the men who will drive the world to its knees.
The Four Horsemen.
A pity for them really.
Prescott, West, Francis and I are done with our masks of civility.
Gods who turned on their subjects.

When you unleash death, nothing can withstand it. Everything perishes in the wake of the executioner. The only things left to show for it are ash and dust.

We had allowed our enemies to take from us for far too long. The tables had finally turned. Our woman had arrived to usher in the end.

Scarlett was the catalyst. The fuse.
The match was burning. Time was running out.
And we were about to bring war to the man who stole her from us all those years ago.

A dark reverse harem contemporary retelling of the four horsemen of the apocalypse. It's MFMMM.

This is a DARK romance and therefore carries a content warning. Details available on my website.

There are cliffhangers in the first three books and an HEA in the last book.
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