The Toy King (Toy Runners #2)

by Adriana Herrera

4.00 ·
Explicit and plentiful [?] · 6 ratings · Published: Dec 14th, 2021

The Toy King by Adriana Herrera
Only the naughty list gets these toys…

Valente Correa lives for one thing—leading the Toy Run. He takes his duties delivering toys for the House of Correa very seriously, and as a Magi he never deviates from his mission. But when he’s tasked with transporting his brother’s future bride through the Andes, he doesn’t expect the walking, talking temptation that is Kessina Macias. When a snowstorm strands them together for two nights, Val can’t resist what the luscious, smart mouthed firebrand offers—even if it means betraying his brother, his father, and his house.

Kessina Macias only wants one thing: independence. After a sheltered life in the mountains with her overprotective father, she yearns for some breathing room. Agreeing to marry a son from the House of Correa isn’t ideal, but it will get her out from under her father’s watchful eye. The problem? The brother she agreed to marry is not the one she desires. Two scorching nights of passion with the broody, brawny Toy Runner change everything. And if she can convince him they’re a perfect match, she might get the best gift all—Val himself.
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The Toy King by Adriana Herrera