A Lovely Day Tomorrow (de Piaget/MacLeod Romances: Publication Order #23)

by Lynn Kurland

4.50 ·
[?] · 2 ratings · Published: 17 Dec 2021

A Lovely Day Tomorrow by Lynn Kurland
Olivia Drummond is finished with the family business: no more mysteries, treasure hunts, or collectable anything made prior to the year 2000. She’s come to England for a fresh start, which she’ll get to right after she survives a family reunion at the feet of a spectacular castle. What she hasn’t expected is to meet a man carrying a medieval sword who turns her world upside-down and leaves her with more questions than answers.

Jackson Kilchurn, heir of a powerful medieval family, has spent his life scoffing at paranormal oddities. When he finds himself pushed through a portal into a different century, his good sense tells him to turn round and go home. He would, if he hadn’t dropped a key he needs—or if he hadn’t just met the woman of his dreams in the last place he’d ever thought he would find her.

Jackson’s past soon collides with Olivia’s present, though, and unless a few dangerous mysteries are solved, their future together is not at all certain . . .
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