A Heart's Connection: Loving a Black Mafia Executioner (Black Mayhem Mafia Saga #7)

by B. Love

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A Heart's Connection: Loving a Black Mafia Executioner by B. Love
When Rakim Mayhem gave up the only woman he’d ever loved romantically, he closed his heart—for good. Focused only on his son, the mafia, and his legal businesses… Rakim is convinced there’s no love left in his heart for women. Known as the rock who keeps his family steady, the executioner finds it easier to handle his business without the softness, intimacy, and love that comes with relationships. But when he meets Naima Cassidy, all of his past premonitions about his life and love begin to change.

Naima Cassidy left Memphis and her family to get away from the streets. Thousands of miles away, falling for a bad boy lands her right in the illegal lifestyle she’d been trying to avoid. Years later, she’s not just running the streets… she’s ruling them… as one of the greatest smugglers the west coast has ever seen. She has the money, power, and respect, and Naima admittedly has no room for love. The moment she begins to think her life is perfect and can’t get any better, things get worse.

Having taken over her ex’s business, Naima expects him to want it back when he gets out of prison. She’s willing to give it up freely, except it isn’t that easy. He doesn’t just want his throne—he wants the Queen that has been sitting there too. A trip back home doesn’t provide just the safety of her brother, Naeem, but the entire Black Mayhem Mafia. While they are protecting her body, Naima finds it hard to protect her heart from Rakim. Will she allow herself to fall again and trust that he will catch her, or will she walk out of Memphis with the heart of one of the most lethal mafia members in exchange for hers?
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A Heart's Connection: Loving a Black Mafia Executioner by B. Love