Beauty and the Assassin

by Nadia Lee

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Beauty and the Assassin by Nadia Lee
A sociopath has stalked me mercilessly for eight years. It’s only a matter of time before he kills me. But then I meet Tolyan.

He bursts into my life like a god of vengeance, seething with raw power and danger, trained to protect—or kill. He has a scowl for the world, but for some reason, he’s gentle with me and the idea of deadly power leashed only for me makes my heart flutter.

One night, he kills a man and I realize he’s the answer I’ve been searching for…if I can convince him to help.

Ten years ago, a man murdered the mother of my child. Now it’s time for him to pay. And I’ve finally found what he wants—Angelika.

Those wide innocent eyes and a smart mouth that makes me laugh are things I love about her. But she’s going to be my perfect bait, willing and obedient. All I have to do is guard against falling for her...

Beauty and the Assassin is a standalone slow-burn romance with dark humor and suspense, with a mysterious, hot as H former assassin, a damsel in distress who never gives up, and three loyal and lovable Dobermans. Plus, after reading this book, you'll never think of creamed corn the same way again. Need a story to make you laugh, cry and shiver? Then grab Beauty and the Assassin today!
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Beauty and the Assassin by Nadia Lee