I'll Be Taking This

by Olivia T. Turner

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Explicit and plentiful [?] · 9 ratings · Published: Jan 9th, 2022

I'll Be Taking This by Olivia T. Turner
Spring Break is for wild girls.

I really don’t know why I’m here.

This is not my scene.

The excessive drinking, the half-naked bodies, the horrible decisions being made. Ugh.

I’d rather be studying.

So, when my friends throw me on stage for a wet t-shirt contest, I nearly die.

Hundreds of people are watching as the MC approaches with the water jugs to show off my jugs.

That’s when I see him.


Charging through the crowd like a nuclear bomb about to go off.

First, I feel the possessiveness in his eyes.

Then, I feel his hands on me, grabbing me, throwing me over his shoulder, stealing me away.

Saving me.

He’s the rich owner of the hotel and he’s not having any of this.

It’s not the wet t-shirt contest that he’s against.

It’s the hundreds of people watching.

He still wants me to get wet, but it will be for an audience of one.

Just me, him, a tight white shirt, and a big ole jug of water.

That’s a contest I don’t mind entering.

One look at Ella and this hot rich alpha will become totally obsessed! Nothing or no one is going to keep him from his girl.

Insta-love at its finest in a SAFE read with no cheating and a super sweet HEA guaranteed. Double V-cards. Enjoy!
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I'll Be Taking This by Olivia T. Turner