Conception: A Hot Wife Story by Matthew Lee

Conception: A Hot Wife Story

by Matthew Lee

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Explicit and plentiful [?] · 1 ratings · Published: 07 Feb 2022

Conception: A Hot Wife Story by Matthew Lee
Three years.
Three long years of trying their hardest and doing their best, yet still no baby. Tests confirm Mark is the problem, which is unsurprising, given the ridiculous number of hours he works.
Desperate, and fast approaching the age where childbirth becomes a danger, Tess learns of a new possibility. Unconventional, and highly controversial, but effective and less expensive than more traditional routes, they visit a clinic that specializes in providing the perfect male specimen to deliver conception. Mark balks, like any husband would, but eventually comes to accept this eccentric plan.
Tess begins eating right and exercising and her body begins to change, slimming, toning. After spending her whole life a bit frumpy, she welcomes to new attention. Being naked in front of your husband is one thing, but being naked in front of handsome studs is another.
While watching a movie at home one night, Tess sees a woman her age making extra money by stripping. Hungry for even more attention, Tess gives it a try. Shocked not only by how much she enjoys being on stage, but by how much cash it brings in, she embraces this new pastime wholeheartedly. Mark gladly welcomes her increased sex drive and the money helps pay for visits to the clinic.
Eventually Tess tires of the stripper life, opting for something more personal. As an escort, she gets all the one-on-one she needs. Fate steps in and Tess is tempted with infidelity. Confession brings her close to Mark once more and they vacation in the Bahamas, where Fate intervenes again, introducing them to Bruno, an arrogant Haitian lover, and setting them back on the path to parenthood.
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