The Academy Series: Complete Collection

by D. D. Larsen

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The Academy Series: Complete Collection by D. D. Larsen

USA Best Selling Author, D. D. Larsen, takes readers on an unforgettable passionate romance and unique suspenseful adventure in a contemporary paranormal series based on a young woman learning the true nature of her bloodline and the destiny that awaits her.

What happens when you discover everything you thought you knew was a lie? Jamie had a plan for her life, and then it all changed when she discovered the secret that had been kept from her since birth.

Magic is real.

While Jamie discovers all of the hidden secrets that the small mountain town of Accalia holds, she faces other perils like the handsome gruff park ranger that won’t leave her alone and a past love affair that torments her.

With heart-pounding romance, page-turning mystery, and riveting suspense, this top selling paranormal romance delves into the pain of reliving the past, the price of knowing the truth, and the power of real love.

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