Perseverance by Jennifer Grovet

Perseverance (Settling Shasta #1)

by Jennifer Grovet

5.00 ·
[?] · 1 ratings · Published: 17 Oct 2021

Perseverance by Jennifer Grovet

Alone in a vast desert, Perseverance Reed must live up to her name or die. Abandoned and alone, with only what she can carry on her back, Persie must ignore convention and fight for her life. Trust has led to disappointment, love to heartbreak; but can faith lead to strength and happiness?

Lucas Snyder gazes out over the landscape around him and relishes adventure. Striking out alone to find his way, and blaze trails for those who will follow, Lucas is responsible for no one save himself and his horse. A lifetime yearning for adventure has finally set him on the path to the California Territory. Traveling alone he relies on no one, waits for no one. How could settling down ever bring the same thrill?

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