Love Deceit and War! Book: 1: Emergence: The Emergence of Love

by Tommi Swartzando

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Love Deceit and War! Book: 1: Emergence: The Emergence of Love by Tommi Swartzando
Rebellion, I thought as I stared at our unique planet. The word had so many meanings for me it meant being on a planet with seven other planets in such perfect synchronous orbit that they make a shield from all intergalactic travel and for those days I knew I was safe. The alarm blared behind me alerting me that less than four hours remained till half the galaxy was protected. I joined for more than just the fighting though. I was tired of the federation's lies and propaganda. I had seen the corruption that the Delta Quadrant rot and despite working closely with many Delta's, I still feel the Federation of Elders was more corrupt. I walked back into the command deck of the coms installation I was stationed at. What a heart stops as I blink, the alarm blaring, the war alarm, I couldn't move. This place is supposed to be safe, I blinked quickly trying to breath so I could start issuing commands, but I found I couldn't. I brought my shaking hands to my neck as my knees buckled underneath me at the sudden loss of air. I stared at the blood that soaked them, not registering the meaning of it. There wasn't even a sound. I felt all the air in my lungs slowly being replaced with blood as I gasped looking around trying to understand what had happened and then my eyes laid upon her. I could feel my pain well up as I stared at my Angel of death. Tears fell down my face as I tried to come to grips with it. The reaper of my soul. I thought as a drop of blood slowly trickled down her helmet. The light caught her perfectly as she seemed to glow and sprout wings. My eyes closed for a final time, all that was of me was left on the floor. I struggled with my own horror as peace flowed over me for this was not my war to live through, it was hers
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