The Perfect Soldier

by Steven Bolarinho

5.00 ·
[?] · 1 ratings · Published: 23 Oct 2020

The Perfect Soldier by Steven Bolarinho
For many being a soldier in one of Knightton Kingdom’s six brigades is like a dream come true. The six brigades are Tundra, Lycan, Moon, Hawk, Jaguar, and Raptor. Every soldier in each brigade never has to worry about food, water, illness, money or even a spouse. They all are provided to soldiers. Not every civilian can become a Knightton Kingdom Soldier. Knightton Kingdom developed a process to create the perfect soldiers. Their duties are to prevent attacks and defend against creatures that lurk and prowl outside the kingdom. But it is not just safe inside the walls, Glass Dagger Bandits are another threat within. Eli Braga and his friends are about to graduate from the brutal year of basic training, soon they will live the life they always wanted. On a patrol inside of Knightton Kingdom’s Civilian District, Eli meets a woman named Angel. The two can’t help but fall in love. This goes against the rules of soldiers seeing anyone other than their assigned spouse. Faced now with the choice of love or honor, he will have to make a life changing decision.
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