All About Mia by Stephanie Price Buchanan

All About Mia

by Stephanie Price Buchanan

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All About Mia by Stephanie Price Buchanan
Mia Williams is a wife, mom of two, wonderful friend, part-time photographer, carpool driver, school volunteer and an involved church member. She has the house and leisure lifestyle many would be jealous of, and after growing up never having enough, it should be a dream come true. However, her husband David is so busy with his law firm that he doesn’t give much time to her or the kids. During the summer months she focuses on helping her girlfriend Brandy with her upcoming wedding, and in doing so, becomes reacquainted with her college best friend, Ryan James. They had parted ways once she got married, but her other girlfriend, Alex, insists Ryan always liked her as more than just a friend. Mia finds herself drawn to Ryan while at the same time confused about what is going on in her marriage. As she tries to figure it all out, the pieces of her life start to make sense; and eventually she realizes she’s got to do some things for herself, not just everyone else. For once she’s got to make it all about Mia.
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