Proud Flesh by Anthony Lawrence

Proud Flesh

by Anthony Lawrence

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Proud Flesh by Anthony Lawrence
Young lovers, Max and Rae, are swept up in a daring escape from a Nazi funded sterilization and eugenics clinic in the California mountains, only to be torn apart and face the threat of losing one another.

It was 1931 and the rising Hitler agenda was to create the “perfect baby” through the pseudo-science of eugenics. Nowhere was more suited for the rising fascism and genetic engineering than Los Angeles and Hollywood.

In this exciting work of fiction, Anthony Lawrence weaves a tale of historical accuracy and suspenseful action. Max and Rae’s paths collide with her mother, an international film star, and mistress of Hitler. Max becomes a spy for the growing Jewish resistance movement in Los Angeles and members of the film community that include Charles Chaplin and Eddie Cantor. With the help of a dedicated L.A. police officer, Max discovers a plot by Nazis that could lead to the deaths of top Jewish members of the film industry.
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