Scandal by Sharlyn G. Branson


by Sharlyn G. Branson

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Scandal by Sharlyn G. Branson
I wanted her the moment I first saw her.
Chanelle Nicolls, the great CNN reporter, was more beautiful in person than on TV.
Looking into her gorgeous eyes was like being struck by lightning. The feeling was enchanting.
I’d never before wanted to possess a woman. But I wanted to make Chanelle Nicolls mine.
Mine... This word, which had so far been unfamiliar to me, appeared in my mind. Something was changing in me, too quickly and dangerously.
I didn’t want our relationship to be purely sexual. Yes, the desire was there, but it was all much more profound than lust. It was as if my soul wanted to merge with hers. So, when I received a call from the hospital, informing me that Chanelle had been in a crash, a red curtain fell before my eyes.
Who wanted to hurt Chanelle and why?
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