Four Ways to Wear a Dress by Gillian Libby

Four Ways to Wear a Dress

by Gillian Libby

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Four Ways to Wear a Dress by Gillian Libby
Debut author Gillian Libby brings you a bright and hopeful story about friendship, self-discovery and acceptance, and fighting for your own happiness, even if it looks a little different than everyone else’s. You’ll love this funny and charming story that reminds you:
• You are capable of more than you think you are—don’t give up on your happiness
• Your friends are your fiercest champions
• It’s good to admit to your mistakes, but sometimes it’s also okay to pretend your crush is really your Instagram Boyfriend
• The perfect dress can help you get through anything

Millie Ward has been fired. Again. She’s tired of feeling like a failure, and she refuses to blame her ADHD the way her parents do every time she hits one of life’s speed bumps. This time, she’s going to let that speed bump actually slow her down, and jumps at the chance to visit her best friend—and Instagram influencer—Quincy in California. And she wouldn’t mind if that invitation also involved getting closer with Quincy’s brother, Pete.

When her best friends Kate and Bree help her pack, they rediscover the little black dress they shared in college. This dress helped them during first dates, exams, and job interviews—bringing each woman who wore it a bit of luck and confidence. Whatever comes during Millie’s next chapter, this dress will help.

But Peacock Bay is full of mega influencers who have perfected the look of the surf lifestyle, and a minor misunderstanding has Millie and her magical dress joining their ranks. Now she has to convince her crush Pete Santana that pretending to be her Instagram Husband will help bring new business to his struggling hotel and help her launch her influencer career. But maybe posting all her failures isn't the best way to win Pete’s heart, no matter how good it is for his business. When she reveals her biggest screw-up of all—their fake relationship—there’s a good chance she could lose not only her new following, but Pete as well…
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