Rhys by Dale Mayer

Rhys (The K9 Files #17)

by Dale Mayer

4.00 ·
[?] · 1 ratings · Published: 06 Sep 2022

Rhys by Dale Mayer

Rhys hadn’t expected a trip to Cottage Grove, Oregon to start with a house being shot up. If it had stopped there it would have been manageable. A drive by shooting that the cops should be able to chase down. But nothing was easy in his world. And this case went to hell right from the beginning…

Taylor, an army vet herself was struggling to regain a normal life after she was injured in an accident while serving. Taking on a war dog appealed as it gave her a connection that they could both relate too, but she had to pass some kind of interview before she could keep Tallahassee. An interview with someone with a prosthetic just like hers. Only he was far more capable than she was.

Still that was the least of her worries as things go from bad to worse, and she realizes these attacks were very personal… and very close to home…

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