Rescuing Ranger With Heart by Miranda Rose Barker

Rescuing Ranger With Heart (Dog Lovers' Rescue #11)

by Miranda Rose Barker

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Rescuing Ranger With Heart by Miranda Rose Barker
Diana, a writer who works from home, is still feeling burned by her ex-husband's leaving her and their son Liam when they realized that he had a special set of needs. The boy is lost in his own world of the mind. Following her intuition, she decides Liam should get a dog, as emotional support, from the local animal rescue center.

Liam stared at the door of the animal rescue center, looking at the word OPEN, and he tried to understand why the center felt the need to write the word OPEN in such an ugly font that was so uninviting and unwelcoming. As he stared at the door, his mom, Diana, stared at him. She was always worried, always concerned. Everything he did or didn't do sent her into a panic.

"Hey, mister," she said, looking down so she could clearly see his reaction. "We’re going to get a dog. You’d like that, right?"

Liam couldn’t fathom why anyone would want a dog. He remained silent, and he kept staring at the door…

Diana noticed everything about her son. She had learned to notice everything about him ever since the day she realized that her son wasn’t like most kids.

Will her intuition turn out right?

With a combination of masterful storytelling and engaging narrative style, the author captures the exceptional love, faithfulness, and fierce loyalty of dogs, inside an uplifting story that will keep you turning pages.
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